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Telligent Systems maintains a full-service, remote helpdesk from 8am to 5:30pm CST, Monday through Friday to address your IT issues. In order to efficiently respond to your issues, we’ve gathered what we find to be the most essential knowledge regarding how to interact with our helpdesk. Armed with the following information, you’ll be well-equipped to guide our technicians through your issue.

How do I open a helpdesk ticket?

The best option for opening a new ticket is to submit an email to This will automatically create a ticket and alert staff to your issue. While it’s possible to email our technicians directly, mistakes do happen. On our busiest days, an email to a technician may be overlooked due to the current volume of support request emails they receive. To ensure proper ticket creation and tracking, an email to our support address is always a better option.

If you prefer, you may also call the BMG Helpdesk number at (601) 345-4333 to open or follow-up on an issue.

What should a support request email include?

At a minimum, your support request email should include the following: your name, facility, position, contact information (unless this information is already in your email signature), and the issue you’re having. Submit as much detail as possible to describe the issue. Sometimes the smallest detail leads to the solution.

Here are some examples of useful details one might include:

  • In which program are you experiencing a problem?
  • What steps need to be taken to reproduce the problem?
  • When exactly did you first notice the problem?
  • Have any changes/installations/updates been made to your system recently?
  • Can this issue be reliably replicated or is it intermittent?
  • Do you see any specific error messages?
  • Is anyone else in your office having this same problem?

What happens after I open a ticket?

Once you’ve submitted your support request email, a member of our staff will contact you for more information and to schedule a time to resolve your issue.

Many issues that we resolve for customers are on their computers, so we may need to work with you to replicate the issue. There are times, however, when the issue is with your server, website, third-party software or something else outside of your control. In those cases, you may only hear from us to confirm the issue and once we’ve resolved it. If the issue takes longer than normal to resolve, we’ll keep you updated with periodic calls or emails.

The Follow-Up

Once your issue has been resolved, we will follow up with you to test the issue or confirm that everything is working as you expect. In some cases, especially with intermittent issues, it may not be obvious immediately that a problem is permanently fixed. In those cases, it’s helpful if you let us know the problem hasn’t returned, after enough time has passed to be confident the problem is gone for good.

While Telligent Systems has tools in place to alert us to issues before our customers are aware of them, there will be times when a proactive approach can’t catch an issue. In those cases, our helpdesk is at the ready to assist you.

** In our next newsletter, we’ll expand on some of these details to provide further information on some specific procedures and processes.**

BMG Helpdesk: (601) 345-4333

BMG Support Email:

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