Resident Phone Request Form

Please, fill the form completely to reduce the possibility of delays.

As of 4/21/2019, InCare Technologies is no longer accepting orders for new Direct-Dial numbers, nor new requests for porting phone numbers. Any new phone setup will either be dialable by extension only (via the Concierge), or will need to use an unused phone number existing on the account.

For more information regarding this change, please contact Blake Management Group at (601) 427-9277.

    What type of equipment is being assigned to the resident?
    Please ensure the equipment is powered on and plugged into the network!

    Is this phone replacing a phone currently in the room?
    Select "Yes" if the current phone is lost, damaged, moved, etc...

    Is this phone being added as an addition to a phone already in the room?
    Select "Yes" if the resident already has one of our phones and wishes to have a 2nd, 3rd, etc...